Today is my last ever day at the school that I have been teaching at for 3 years. In the past year and a half the school has been physically and mentally painful to work at. However there will be a few things I will miss...
  1. The way a certain kid calls me T-Walker instead of miss walker
  2. The girls in my class
    Who maybe through my fault are quite sassy and have the dirties laughs you have ever come out of a six year olds mouth
  3. The Romanian kid who shouts impromptu "I larve you" during maths lessons
  4. All the staff I have made relationships with
    Even the ones I complained about throughout the years. In times of weird pressure we all banded together and I will miss the sarcasm
  5. My classroom
    Weirdly the rank yellow walls have become soothing to me
  6. My cupboard space!
    My new one is tiny
  7. He way the ks2 kids think I'm the 'cool teacher' because I have a favourite one direction member.