My preset radio stations, stereotyped.
  1. B 98.7 FM
    The sappy, easy listening station. Usually has Michael Buble or Celine Dion playing. At night they up their game with "slow dance after dark." Nothing changes.
  2. 97.1 FM ZHT
    The latest "hits" and my last resort. Ultra mainstream. Sometimes I'll stay if they've got 21 Pilots' "Stressed Out" playing. JK.
  3. X 96.3 FM
    Alternative never sounded so good.
  4. Alt 101.9 FM
    Alternative never sounded so bad. Also they replaced my go to station so maybe I'm just a little bitter.
  5. 90.9 FM KRCL
    The liberal, independent, ultra-obscure station. Often plays hipster jams and/or tribal music.
  6. Now 97.9 FM
    "The station that picks you up and makes you feel good" Plays a good blend of Lady Gaga and Tears For Fears.
  7. My 99.5 FM
    Plays a snappy blend of the 90's to now, with the name and artist after each song. I listen to them if 97.9 is on a commercial break.
  8. 103.5 FM The Arrow
    When classic rock is what you want, classic rock is what you get. Also has about 100,000,000,000 commercials. But block party weekend is nice when it's your favorite artist.
  9. 94.1 FM KODJ
    I've done the math, and 7/10 times they are playing Elton John. I'm not complaining. The other 3 times it's probably the Bee Gees. Definitely stuck in the 70's, but the 70's was a beautiful time.
  10. Classical 89.1 FM
    Classical station. Gives me wings. Simultaneously breaks my heart.