1. My hibiscus is blooming! 🌺
    And it is absolutely stunning.
  2. Provided a small funeral service for a dead mouse I found outside 🐀
    May he or she rest in peace.
  3. Work wasn't completely boring!
    It went by fast so the amount of boring didn't catch up to me.
  4. Narrowly avoiding copious library fines is possible, it turns out!
    I should know, I managed to escape its clutches. I'm back in business, people!
  5. Made a killer playlist of female artists!
    Playlists are my jam.
  6. Thought it was Wednesday all day!
    So the fact that tomorrow is Friday and not Thursday really means something special.
  7. My eyeliner was on fleek!
    Does anyone actually use that phrase? Because that felt unnatural.
  8. Avoided the tempting call of fast food!
    And ate the salad I packed for lunch instead.
  9. He texted me first!
    Never necessary but always a win.