1. I'm not a grammar nazi by any means
  2. But when I hear people say that they are weary of something,
  3. It means to me they are exhausted by something or someone
  4. What they mean to say is either
  5. Leery
  6. Or
  7. Wary
  8. But instead they combine them to be the completely wrong thing.
  9. Examples:
  10. I'm a little weary of that taco stand.
    Not correct. You can't be completely exhausted by a taco stand. Unless you work there.
  11. I'm a little wary of that taco stand.
    Correct! It maybe looks a little suspicious. That guy totally didn't wash his hands.
  12. I'm a little leery of that taco stand.
    Also correct!! Yeah that taco stand is super sketch. I heard they serve cat. Ew.
  13. I am weary of this new friendship.
    Accurate! I am tired already by your use of weary when you want to say wary. It exhausts me so much I made an entire list about it.
  14. I am wary of this new friendship.
    Also true. I'm a little cautious moving forward after this vocabulary faux pas.
  15. Friendly hint: when you want to mean you are cautious or being aware of (beware of) use wary.
    Be-ware, war-y
  16. When you want to say something is making you weak or exhausted, use weary.
    Wea-k, wea-ry
  17. This has been a public service announcement, thank you for your time.