Teenage Expectations for my 20s VS Reality

  1. EXPECTATION: cooking balanced & complex meals for myself & loved ones on a regular basis
    REALITY: Pb on crackers eaten over the sink
  2. EXPECTATION: having an understanding of how to dress my body + a well-curated closet that includes professional yet flattering workwear
    REALITY: crying in department store dressing rooms until I give up and buy yet another sweater
  3. EXPECTATION: college, law school, knowing exactly what I'm doing with my life with a job that is somehow both lucrative and fulfilling
    REALITY: existential crisis with my coffee every morning
  4. EXPECTATION: 5'8 like my pediatrician promised
    REALITY: still waiting for that latent growth spurt
  5. EXPECTATION: meaningful stable long-term romantic relationship
    REALITY: mostly dating guys I don't particularly like/respect for a few months until I stop talking to them and they send passive aggressive drunk text messages intermittently until one day they decide we are friends and send me long messages via snapchat wanting to discuss German philosophers (??????)