Things That Happened Because I Am a Child of Immigrants

  1. Wrote a short story and named a character "Libido"
    I was in the fourth grade. I was reading above my grade level. My parents were not monitoring the books I was reading. Libido is a beautiful word. Apple Martin who?
  2. Thought "bastard" was a totally okay word to use in an elementary school book report
    I was going through a Tudor phase and had read a book that was just trying to reflect the language of the times. Mary I and Elizabeth I were both illegitimate children so "bastard" was thrown about a lot. I gave a presentation with historically accurate terminology and my parents got a phone call from my teacher. Fourth grade was a rough year.
  3. Believed doughnuts killed Elvis Presley
    I just know this would never fly in a non-immigrant household. My parents' word was gold to me so when my mom told me Elvis died from eating too many doughnuts I genuinely believed it and told all my friends the same. When confronted recently about this lie, my mother was zero apologetic and told me it was "necessary as a preventative measure. You're welcome."
  4. Had an entire conversation with my mother where she described her love for Remarque, the German writer, while I thought she was talking about Lamarck, the French scientist
    The two names sound very similar in Korean. I also recently referred to Plato during a phone call and she thought I was talking about play-dough as a metaphor for the malleability of life.
  5. Had the best most wonderful childhood with the best most wonderful parents and wouldn't change a thing 🙃