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  1. Routing @nbren on the GPS and giving her an alternate route that would add 51 minutes to our trip. She wasn't feeling adventurous.
  2. When @nbren told her dog he needed to relax and I responded with "MAYBE YOU NEED TO GET WORKED UP!"
    I don't know why she puts up with me, really
  3. That time my friend was stressed about something and I told her to just "not let it bother her" and she wasn't happy with my advise because it was obviously something that bothered her
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  1. Stay at home dog mom
  2. That's it.
0 to 👵🏼 real quick
  1. I used to love the college bar scene
    Bar hopping with friends, chill places or dancing, good times
  2. Then I graduated
  3. This changed me
    Now I go to bed early and get mad if people are loud at 11:30
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Only the important stuff
  1. My name is Stephanie
    This is me
  2. I like all things furry
    These are my babes Lewis (🐱) and Zoey (🐶)
  3. I like food
    Mostly pizza and tacos but also donuts and ice cream
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4 years of solid conversations with strangers 👍🏻
  1. "Hey little girl, come over here."
    Then he snapped his fingers at me
  2. "Folding is like the never ending job for you, huh?"
    As he continued to mess up the shirts I was just folding
  3. "Do you carry pe-tits?"
    In her defense she was a really cute little foreign woman. She meant petites
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1) because she told me I wasn't smart enough, 2) because she made me cry and doubt myself, and 3) because she was wrong
  1. I got into and graduated from The Ohio State University
    Even though you told me my grades weren't good enough to transfer into any university and you were surprised that I had made it into one at all
  2. I graduated from a merchandising program
    Even though you told me I wasn't smart enough to make it into one
  3. I graduated on the Dean's List
    Even though you told me I wasn't smart enough
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  1. Naps are required
  2. I'll throw a fit if you don't feed me
  3. Uncontrollable giggles
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So it looks like I like animals. Guess what, I do.
She didn't choose the Puggle Life, the Puggle Life chose her. And she's killin it
  1. She's super adorable
    (See photo)
  2. She has two smiles: her "I'm going to vomit, let me outside" smile, and her "I love you" smile
    The might actually look the same... but it's all about context
  3. She does this a lot:
    It usually means she wants something. She usually wants food.
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Meet Lewis, he's fluffy, large, and sometimes an ass hole
  1. Lewis currently weighs about 17 pounds
    Human included for scale
  2. But he still gets all up in your space
  3. He likes to play fetch
    I shit you not. He brings me hair ties all day long and excitedly chases them and brings them back. He gets really upset if you ignore him
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