Only the important stuff
  1. My name is Stephanie
    This is me
  2. I like all things furry
    These are my babes Lewis (🐱) and Zoey (🐶)
  3. I like food
    Mostly pizza and tacos but also donuts and ice cream
  4. Born and raised a Buckeye (O-H-I-O!!)
  5. My sister is my favorite human
    @nbren ❤️❤️
  6. I pretend I like working out, but I'm actually pretty lazy and I rely on my metabolism
  7. I'm a hopeless romantic who is also perpetually single
  8. I'm a shopaholic and I have no plans on changing that
  9. This is by bestie (who I can't get to join
    Our hobbies include eating cheese, drinking wine, and making stupid videos on Dubsmash 👯
  10. Movie quotes and sometimes good impressions are my thing
  11. Tuffy here is also a friend of mine
    This is an actually photo of my dreams coming true
  12. Sometimes I'm crafty
    But not always