0 to 👵🏼 real quick
  1. I used to love the college bar scene
    Bar hopping with friends, chill places or dancing, good times
  2. Then I graduated
  3. This changed me
    Now I go to bed early and get mad if people are loud at 11:30
  4. I got the news that my favorite bar was being shut down due to construction and not reopening
  5. So I obviously agreed to one last hurrah at Chumley's
  6. We waited in line for 20 minutes to get in
  7. We got into the bar at 9
    Ready for a nap.
  8. It took forever to get a drink
  9. It took everything in me not to tell the bartender to pull his pants up
    Kids these days 😒
  10. We finally got drinks and went outside
    There were too many people for my liking inside
  11. And I got mad any time someone would bump into me or spill their drink. This happened a lot.
    Annoyed and wet. Control yourself.
  12. We left shortly after our drinks were gone
    Because I couldn't even
  13. Who needs to be out till 2 am when you could come home and go to bed at 10?
  14. Not even mad