Important things to know about my dog.

She didn't choose the Puggle Life, the Puggle Life chose her. And she's killin it
  1. She's super adorable
    (See photo)
  2. She has two smiles: her "I'm going to vomit, let me outside" smile, and her "I love you" smile
    The might actually look the same... but it's all about context
  3. She does this a lot:
    It usually means she wants something. She usually wants food.
  4. Shes super photogenic
    (See photo. Obviously)
  5. Sometimes she looks like a potato
    But I love potatoes, so it's fine
  6. She's a snuggle bug
    Hogging all the blankets, of course
  7. She has no concept of personal space
  8. My cat showed her how to play fetch
    She wanted more attention so she copied him (see previous list)
  9. Her farts can and will clear a room
    Trust me.
  10. She loves to give kisses
    There's no avoiding them, really