4 years of solid conversations with strangers 👍🏻
  1. "Hey little girl, come over here."
    Then he snapped his fingers at me
  2. "Folding is like the never ending job for you, huh?"
    As he continued to mess up the shirts I was just folding
  3. "Do you carry pe-tits?"
    In her defense she was a really cute little foreign woman. She meant petites
  4. "There's no price on it, it's free!"
    Lol super original. First time I've heard it this hour
  5. "Can you see if you have another size in the back?"
    The "back" is not Narnia or the factory. I actually just checked my phone instead
  6. "Oh are you closing?"
    The doors are shut and I turned the music off 10 minutes ago. Yes. I'm closed. Let me go home.
  7. Customers who throw a fit when they can't return without a receipt
    I'm not here to give money away, I'm actually here to take yours
  8. "What's your favorite kind of cheesecake?"
    He and his wife brought be cheesecake as a thank you for fixing their watches. Nicest customer I've ever had 🙌🏻
  9. "I'm never coming back here, your customer service is awful."
  10. Me: "Hi how are you today?" Customer: "I'm just looking."
    ..... That's not what I asked. I'm getting paid to be polite to you