Despite good intentions
  1. Routing @nbren on the GPS and giving her an alternate route that would add 51 minutes to our trip. She wasn't feeling adventurous.
  2. When @nbren told her dog he needed to relax and I responded with "MAYBE YOU NEED TO GET WORKED UP!"
    I don't know why she puts up with me, really
  3. That time my friend was stressed about something and I told her to just "not let it bother her" and she wasn't happy with my advise because it was obviously something that bothered her
  4. My sister again tell her dog "you need to calm your body" and me saying "LIFE'S A PARTY, ROCK YOUR BODY"
    Inspirational quote 💃🏻
  5. Working at my new job offering to help by saying "I could help you with that, but I don't know how to do it yet...."
    It's the thought that counts, yeah?
  6. When my pregnant boss start having hot flashes at her desk and all I could say way "Please don't go into labor right now..."
    The feeling was mutual