suggestions welcome
  1. "Steal My Girl" - One Direction (2014)
    everybody wanna steal my Girl / everybody wanna take her heart away / couple billion in the whole wide World / find another one cuz she belongs to me
  2. "Put Your Hearts Up" - Ariana Grande (2012)
    hey yeah yeah yeah / if we give a little love maybe we can change the World / hey yeah yeah yeah / sing it if you're with me all you boys and all you Girls
  3. "As Long As You Love Me" - Justin Bieber (2012)
    but hey now / you know Girl / we both know / it's a cruel World
  4. "Paradise" - Coldplay (2011)
    when she was just a Girl / she expected the World
  5. "The One That Got Away" - Katy Perry (2011)
    in another life / i would be your Girl / we'd keep all our promises / be us against the World
  6. "All Your Life" - The Band Perry (2011)
    well i don't want the whole World / the sun the moon and all their light / i just wanna be the only Girl / you love all your life
  7. "Telling The World" - Taio Cruz (2011)
    i'm telling the World / that i've found a Girl
  8. "Run The World (Girls)" - Beyoncé
    who run the world? / girls.
    Suggested by @kelleyfox
  9. "Nothin' On You" - B.O.B. (2010)
    beautiful Girls / all over the World
  10. "One Less Lonely Girl" - Justin Bieber (2009)
    if you let me inside your World / there's gonna be one less lonely Girl
  11. "Rich Girl" - Gwen Stefani (2004)
    i'd have all the money in the World / if i was a wealthy Girl
  12. "Daughters" - me. (2003)
    "I know a girl/she puts the color inside of my world"
    Suggested by @john
  13. "Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)" - Nine Days (2000)
    this is the story of a Girl / who cried a river and drowned the whole World
  14. "Barbie Girl" - Aqua (1997)
    i'm a barbie Girl / in a barbie World
  15. "Uptown Girl" - Billy Joel (1983)
    uptown Girl / she's been living in her uptown World
  16. "Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey (1981)
    just a small town Girl / living in a lonely World