this is all our fault, isn't it
  3. AHEAD
  4. Okay, obviously it's half-raptor then, right? Please don't tell me this will be some kind of "reveal".
  5. Wait, why aren't you evacuating the island?
  6. Did that bulletproof glass just shatter upon impact with the ground?
  7. Hold on. WHY aren't you evacuating the island??
  8. Yo, this kid's matches still work after jumping in a river?
  9. So, does the 20-year-old abandoned jeep still have gas in it or...
  10. You failed your driving test but you can drive this stick-shift vehicle just fine?
  11. Wait a minute wait a minute
  12. Why the FUCK aren't you evacuating the island??
  13. Yo, Chris Pratt, you still like this girl?? You know she's the reason all these people are dead, right?
  14. You honestly expect me to root AGAINST InGen when they're the only people actually doing something about the problem? Just because you played "bad guy music"? Fuck you, movie.
  15. What is actually happening right now
  16. What the actual fuck am I watching
  17. You're STILL wearing your high heels? Hahahahaha oh my god what
  18. Bryce Dallas Howard's character is going to jail, right? She HAS to be.
  19. How did you let this happen
  20. How did we as a society allow this to happen