You can almost hear the relationship crumbling.
  1. This joke about her shoes:
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  2. My response to Kiss-a-Ginger day:
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  3. The defense of my facial hair:
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  4. This frankly incredible punchline:
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  5. She didn't take well to teasing:
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    Pride & Prejudice is her favorite.
  6. This one was autocorrect's fault:
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  7. So was this one:
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    It's a Fault in Our Stars thing. I was supposed to just say "okay".
  8. When I accidentally texted her a Star Wars joke:
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    which I think was meant for @Dustin.
  9. Talking about the sunset:
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  10. And the follow-up:
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    She dumped me a few days later. It was probably for the best.