congrats, @samclaney + @Carly 👰🏽
  1. I love my Bane voice!
    then, in bane voice: "Bane."
  2. Why doesn't MySpace Tom do stuff anymore?
    "Like, he could DO stuff. He has a Facebook now."
  3. None of these sex jokes have been clever.
  4. Oh yes, it's definitely time to drink.
  5. (sipping Jack Daniels) - Uh huh, it tastes like nail polish.
  6. Yeah, this is exciting! I've never had a wedding before.
  7. (upon finding out about this list) - Oh, I gotta start being funnier.
  8. Are you sure you didn't bury a horse last night?
  9. Suave... yeah, I'm not entirely sure how to do that look.
  10. I, Samuel Patrick Claney...
  11. ...for the rest of my life.
  12. I do.
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