1. There is a noticeable difference in Southern rude and DC rude.
    Southern rude is having someone be too nosy or start or end a statement with "Bless your heart." DC rude is getting pushed or cussed out in the Metro. Pretty much every negative experience I have had in DC involves the Metro.
  2. Cost of living
    It's super noticeable when you move from one of the cheapest places in the country to literally the most expensive place. I feel like my bank account needs therapy.
  3. There are so many jobs..... And so many over qualified people.
    Try getting a job in DC. You thought all your college accomplishments meant something? Lol no. Talk about a humbling experience.
  4. Democrats are everywhere
    I think I knew 4 democrats at Southern Miss.... The DC metro area is like their Mecca compared to Hattiesburg Mississippi.
  5. Seafood
    The have seafood, but it just ain't the same as the Gulf.