I'd like to thank...
  1. Popcorn
    For minimizing my binge eating... 3 bags in a study session is NORMAL
  2. Stress
    For keeping me a month ahead of the class because I MUST GET A 4.0
  3. Disney Junior
    You must be new here... Disney. Is. LIFE.
  4. My DVR
    Without you, I wouldn't have anything to do until summer semester starts!
  5. Caffeine
    Not always from coffee, not always necessary, but always a good idea
  6. Screamo, EDM, and punk rock
    You should thank them as well. They're the reason I didn't kill anyone
  7. Starbucks
    Without you, I wouldn't have anywhere to study. Free refills... you the real MVP
  8. TTS software
    For simultaneously letting me be a college student and a 4 year old