1. I couldn't care less about buying clothes... unless they're from Disneyland
    In all honesty it's even difficult then
  2. In thinking about my future home, I want it to be Disney themed
    What are you talking about? That's not creepy at all!
  3. Unless it's on the Disney Channel, I couldn't tell you anything about what's on TV right now
    More specifically Disney Junior, but hey, who's paying attention?
  4. I've spent a small fortune on pins
    And I regret nothing
  5. I'm hoping that Disney does wedding registry
    And if not, well... that could be a potential problem
  6. Why would you want to vacation anywhere besides Disneyland, Disney World, Aulani, or a Disney cruise?
    I mean come on... that's plenty of options. Ok, maybe Vegas...
  7. I may not make a lot of money, but hey... I save it
    ...for Disney things that I NEED
  8. Even though I'm aware that The Disney Co. makes plenty of money off of me, I still fork it over
    Most of the time it's gladly
  9. Withdrawals from being at the park
    Oh, that's a real thing. I don't care if I went two days ago!
  10. Purposely going to the park by myself
    I will ride small world 50 times and nobody can say anything about it!
  11. I started Disneybounding...
    Go look that sht up. And then reference bullet point 1
  12. Being able to spot "real" and "fake" Disney news
    That's such a useful, on-the-job skill, yah know...
  13. Being a member of more than five Disney Facebook groups
    They all have their own benefits. Like having more than five types of food in your house
  14. Being the go-to person with your friends and family for anything Disney related
    And yes, it makes me feel special
  15. Getting blisters from a brand new pair of Minnie Mouse shoes I HAD to wear the day I bought them
    Worth every owie
  16. Waking up with theme songs and jingles in your head
    But... I didn't dream about Disney last night...
  17. I'm seriously considering getting the Signature or Signature Plus AP
    Because... parking
  18. Both backgrounds on my phone are from the parks
    To help with withdrawals of course