1. This is so stupid, I can't believe I'm watching this
  2. Wow that's a big house
  3. This sounds extremely scripted. This is the 12th season why do they still sound like robots
  4. If they don't want Kylie to have a stalker anymore, maybe they should stop talking about the (potentially fame-seeking) stalker on TV
  5. Kylie sure makes a sweatsuit look good. Maybe that's why she has a stalker.
  6. Wow Khloe just buuuurned Kourtney
  7. Lol Khloe is my favorite
  8. Kim's kind of cool and not awful. Even if the only word she can think of to describe herself is "sexy"
  9. If I had to pick, I think I'm on Team Kim (sorry Tay)
  10. I can see why people love this show
  11. I legitimately believe Kimye would be a better president than Trump. 1000%
  12. And now I love the Kardashians. The end.