1. Lala land w/Kylie Jan 3rd
  2. Hidden Figures w/ Rachel and Joey Jan 10th
  3. Jackie w/ Myself Jan 16th
  4. 20th Century Women w/Myself Jan 19th
  5. Split w/Juilianna Jan 20th
  6. Get Out w/Andreea and Valerie Feb 24th
  7. Moonlight w/Andreea and Valerie March8th
  8. Beauty and the Beast w/ Mom March 30th
  9. Gifted w/ Mom April 20th
  10. Colossal W/ Myself May 7th
  11. Their Finest w/ Myself May 18th
  12. The Lovers w/ Myself May 31st
  13. My Cousin Rachel w/ Myself June 15th
  14. The Big Sick w/ Rachel July 9th
  15. Baby Driver w/ Myself August 9th
  16. Ingrid Goes West w/ Julianna Sept 7th
  17. Wind River w/ Myself Sept 11th
  18. Leap! w/ Myself September 26th
    1st time I had the theater all to myself