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  1. Redo deck.
  2. Chimney cleaning.
  3. Clean the garden.
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  1. So I am picking up painting peg dolls. They are fun!
  2. Problem: It is really easy to do a lot of them at a time.
  3. Like, I have done 30 this week.
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  1. "I didn't even know him! Why am I crying?"
  2. "Please don't anyone hug me."
  3. *silent teary-eyed stare*
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For context, I am a fat cis female. Though these issues can and do apply to everyone at some point.
  1. Women's sizes in the US make zero sense.
    I like that there is tall, short, and regular but that is about it.
  2. Why does "business clothing" have to be so restrictive?
    And as a DD lady, screw button down shirts for real.
  3. I get hot all the time at work. Why can't dress shirts be made from lighter material?
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  1. My dad was in the navy. Submariner service, then on a carrier during the Cuban missile crisis.
  2. My maternal grandfather was in the army. He served in WWII and Korea.
  3. My paternal grandfather also was in the Submariner service. I don't know much about him.
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Inspired by @savestheapril
  1. My name is Stephanie.
    This is me with makeup on which almost never happens.
  2. I live in Maryland, which means I abide by certain unwritten rules.
    Old Bay, all day every day.
  3. I teach high school French.
    I also apparently have a reputation for being "unique", as a teacher. Whatever that means.
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I get a lot of questions about being a pagan and paganism. I open it up to Listers! Ask away!
  1. Watching my first senior class graduate.
    This year is my fourth year here, so it's like I am too!
  2. Having zero outlet for my frustration about kids.
  3. Watching kids shit on the project you thought they would be into.
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  1. Contact by Carl Sagan
    Very different than the movie!
  2. Lord of the Rings
    All of them. It's what happens when you are a fantasy linguistics nerd.
  3. The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
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