Because pedagogy is great until you break up a fight about ginger ale. More as I think of them.
  1. Always have band aids in your desk.
    The goofy kids ones.
  2. Start exercising early.
    If you stress eat, your first year will have you spending a bunch of money on clothes.
  3. Don't wear anything to school you don't want chalk on.
  4. Cleaning supplies. All of them.
  5. It is okay for your lessons to sometimes just be okay.
    No one is a master teacher every day.
  6. Filing systems. Pick one.
    This includes files on computers. Mine is: 051416 f1c8 vocab = date, class and chapter, brief description.
  7. How to organize a seating chart when eight students are talkers and twelve have preferential seating.
    Or any other combination of needs/behaviors.
    Suggested by @e
  8. How to unjam a copier in the last 3 minutes of your plan time.
    Bonus points for changing the toner.
    Suggested by @kates08