My Favorite Emojis and Why

  1. 😏
    It says so much in just one face. And really, who doesn't have this as their favorite emoji..
  2. 🔥
    It's lit.
  3. 🙊
    It's ADORABLE.
  4. 🖕🏼
    This addition on the update was everything anyone ever wanted.
  5. 😂
    Is it laughing or crying? Or both? I don't know man.
  6. 🦄
    It's a fucking unicorn.
  7. 🌚
    The moon is beautiful. Even more so when it's looking to the upper left.
  8. 🙄
    This is my face 87% of the time.
  9. 😑
    This is my face the other 13% of the time.
  10. 😁
    It accurately represents my conflicting emotions.