In a bit of a shitty headspace - this is me giving myself a pep talk
  1. Stress LESS (or as ruby would say - chill muthafucka)
    Prioritise anything/everything you can do to help yourself relax; and everything you can do to avoid stressing - doooo it (aka. Less coffee 😁)
  2. Create the life you want to live NOW. Life is too short not to.
    Stop waiting; saying you'll do something "when..."; you won't find an ease-ful way of being via a route of stress and force
    Everything is going to be okay, and if it is not, know that "this too shall pass"
  4. Radical paradigm shift
    What if rather than trying to find acceptance in some paradigm of unacceptance (aka. trying to change whatever your war with reality is), RADICAL SHIFT of not even giving that paradigm any of your energy (aka. come out of your war with reality).
  5. Simple routines and rituals
    Especially around mornings, evenings and nourishment (nourish -> flourish!)
  6. This month is all about ME. Stop putting others first and invest in you.
    Self preservation. What I am choosing to prioritise is my HEALTH and WELL-BEING, and that will have carry-on effects to my study and relationships