The links I've sent myself on Facebook perfectly encapsulate my interests.
  1. TAKE 2 TRAIN TO WEST 39TH STREET(08/04/11)
    I have no idea where I was going, but I know I took the 2 train there.
  2. 2008 presidential election exit poll results (10/12/11)
    Only a crazy person would randomly look up exit poll results from 3 years ago
  3. The 25 Most Diverse Schools(10/28/11)
  4. The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco(12/28/13)
    Because of course I watched this during Christmas break three years ago
  5. Military Overlooked Sexual Abuse by Afghan Allies, Investigation Says (09/25/2015)
  6. Aziz Ansari (02/04/16)
    Because he's a cool dude and this is a great GIF
  7. 🏀 (03/29/16)
    So I could practice my skills on the Facebook messenger basketball game. Don't judge me.