1. "NOW you tell me"
    After overextending his/herself and doing something impressive to accomplish something only to find out less effort could have been expended to accomplish said thing
  2. "Going up!"
    Usually said to someone who is left on the ground
  3. "Oh great, more"
    When more thugs come in after a lengthy fight sequence
  4. "You're better off not knowing"
    Usually re: identity as said to a love interest
  5. "It's all in the wrist"
    Downplaying an impressive KO
  6. "I'm (bastardized version of actual superhero name)"
    Said the first time a superhero acknowledges his new alter ego used as a tongue and cheek jib to the audience.
  7. "Do you have it in (color of superhero costume)"
    Said to person helping to fashion the superhero's new costume
  8. "Thanks, kid"
    After a wide-eyed child helps a superhero accomplish something in some minor way. Often, the superhero has enabled child to help but thanks child anyway.
  9. "Here goes nothing!"
    When a superhero is about to perform a death-defying feat
  10. "Very funny!"
    Said after a joke made at a superhero's expense
  11. "You know, for a (inspiration of supervillan's name) you don't have much (pun related to inspiration of supervillan's name)"
    I.e Rhino.....tough skin, Birdman...pluck
  12. "Someone's gotta do it"