1. Kobe could get injured and have his career end at any moment
    So keep that in mind when he's chucking contested 25 footers
  2. D'Angelo Russell could be the next Russell Westbrook
    But he's only 19 years old (!) so be patient
  3. Julius Randle looking like "Lamar Odom in Zach Randolph's body"
    But he's yet to play an entire actual NBA game so...
  4. Metta World Peace has slowly turned into the wily veteran you might actually trust with the ball
  5. Jordan Clarkson looking like a very solid NBA player who can shoot, drive, and create his own shot
    And yet I don't think he can be your third best player and win a championship
  6. Huertas will be fun to watch if he doesn't get injured the way our white, pass-first point guards have done in the past
  7. Larry Nance Jr has hops
  8. Nick Young should only be on the court for 6 min at a time. If his shot isn't falling he should be taken out.
  9. Even though Hibbert has had a rough couple years, he's such an upgrade over Sacre and Hill I can't help but feel a little safer knowing there's a 7"2 shot blocker in the post
    Remind me of this when he contributes absolutely nothing on the offensive end
  10. At least Lou Williams can also create his own shot.
  11. I hope Byron scott let's the team shoot 3s
  12. I hope we hold our opponents to less than 98 points per game
  13. I know we won't make the playoffs but at least let us be good enough to attract Durant.