as requested
  1. overwhelmingly, other people have much more interesting things to say
    there are so many to read that would be much more substantial than mine, I'm intimidated.
  2. I'm way too hard on myself
    every time I start one, I automatically think it's narcissistic and unreadable.
  3. I'm a hairstylist by trade
    so I give so much of myself socially and repeat my opinions everyday that I become tired of my own repetitive thoughts.
  4. I'm not accustomed to many people being interested in my lil life
    I've always been a (secret)loner with only a handful of (true)friends, so this is a new path for a chick like me.
  5. there's been some recent tragedies in my life the last couple years and I don't want to make others sad
    nobody wants to hear about my sad shit. especially when you're young and you're supposed to be on some sort of positive "finding yourself" journey. I already have. and it's not as enlightening as you would think it is. although Italy is an amazing, wonderful place to have an existential crisis...that might be a future good list 😊