There are too many reasons. So I had to start somewhere and end someplace else. But here's looking at you, @dena.
  1. Because aww... for days
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  2. Because she's brave
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  3. Because yeah
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  4. Because Halloween
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  5. Because Christmas
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  6. Because j. Crew catalog
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  7. Because Van Halen concert
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  8. Because motorcycle pants
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  9. Because family dinner
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  10. Because St Patrick's Day in San Diego
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  11. Because she runs fundraisers for other people while she's on chemo and she rocks that shit
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  12. Because #nerds
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  13. Because philanthropy... with a small man in a large dog suite
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  14. Because poolside
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  15. Because my bunny
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  16. Because people like her
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  17. Because adventures in paradise
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  18. Because Shabbat Shalom, bitches
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  19. Because Telluride
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  20. Because she's a Bond girl
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  21. Because great taste
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  22. Because fitness instructor!
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  23. Because good sport
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  24. Because she said yes
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  25. Because wow
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  26. Because fun... anywhere
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  27. Because she pulled me into the pool on our wedding night
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