Requested by Dena


There are too many reasons. So I had to start somewhere and end someplace else. But here's looking at you, @dena.
  1. Because aww... for days
  2. Because she's brave
  3. Because yeah
  4. Because Halloween
  5. Because Christmas
  6. Because j. Crew catalog
  7. Because Van Halen concert
  8. Because motorcycle pants
  9. Because family dinner
  10. Because St Patrick's Day in San Diego
  11. Because she runs fundraisers for other people while she's on chemo and she rocks that shit
  12. Because #nerds
  13. Because philanthropy... with a small man in a large dog suite
  14. Because poolside
  15. Because my bunny
  16. Because people like her
  17. Because adventures in paradise
  18. Because Shabbat Shalom, bitches
  19. Because Telluride
  20. Because she's a Bond girl
  21. Because great taste
  22. Because fitness instructor!
  23. Because good sport
  24. Because she said yes
  25. Because wow
  26. Because fun... anywhere
  27. Because she pulled me into the pool on our wedding night