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look at this photograph, every time I do it makes me laugh. I have a strict under 100 photo policy on my phone and almost always delete. Here are the ones I really remember though.
  1. you screamed at me because I didn't take enough candid shots of you so I took a really shitty, overexposed one
    you looked like a troll. I wish I had saved it.
  2. a picture of you in the shower, taken moments before you passed out from the shower being too hot
    you were ok and more concerned that the picture wasn't good enough. I wish I had saved it.
  3. my namesake. It's a picture of you before you went off to war. You died when you were 18. I'm almost 10 years older now than you ever were.
    They tell me I'm like you. I carry that around. I wish I had saved it.
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No daddy jokes here
  1. Love Steely Dan
  2. My running shoes pair perfectly with my jeans
    Yes they look like shit but whatever
  3. Love to talk about how accurate Mad Men is to the time period
    But without any of the first-hand experience to back it up
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Inspired by @joemurphy
man oh man oh man oh man
  1. Unemployed
    The world needs plenty of bartenders, even if just until you find something better
  2. Ugly
    everyone is hot to someone
  3. Sad
    you'll feel better, and damn look how insightful you are in the meantime
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There is something very pleasing about seeing those blurred color palettes when you fuck up the Touch ID
  1. 1.
    "Pleasure" | Feist
    Dreamy palette for a dreamy album by my wife
  2. 2.
    "Hot Thoughts" | Spoon
    Current favorite. 10/10 color combination.
  3. 3.
    "Hot Fuss" | The Killers
    Blue, like me when I remember loving to tell people how deep and cool I thought "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" was
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"Even Stephen: Against All Odds" coming to a theater near you Summer 2043
  1. "She was just another notch on his bedpost, but he didn't own a bed and posssssed no fine motor skills"
  2. "It Was Just One Kiss It Couldn't Have Been That Bad"
  3. "Murder Is Easy, It's The Staying Dead Part That's Hard!"
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what a neat list idea thank you for the suggestion :)
Wow I had no idea this was a thing?
  1. "Larger Than Life" | Backstreet Boys
    Flip the switch and let the electricity course through my body during that shitty 10 second guitar solo near the end
  2. "Living On A Prayer" | Bon Jovi
    Raising the roof as the prison guard pumps my veins full of poison
  3. "Zach's Song (School of Rock)" | School of Rock
    Smoke machines going as I walk up to the front of the room and they put the noose around my neck. Don't drop the floor until "I may not be that perfect son / but yall be rocking when I'm done." No one is allowed to leave until Zach finishes his solo. He earned that shit
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