been in the drafts since 2009
  1. "What of Valor?"
    By Stephen Michael Thomas Cady
  2. "Full speed ahead!" growled the Captain to the dead,
  3. While he motioned to his men 'all hands on deck.'
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  4. But these men were not his men, they were not the ones he lead,
  5. Through the cold and salty sweats of foreign death.
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  6. In the box they called his bed, his face had lost its touch of red,
  7. That he wore like five point stars on both his cheeks.
  8. And as he shouted through the fog, he felt a momentary dread,
  9. When he realized this group was not his fleet.
  10. Some bore wounds all covered red, while others sat and cried instead,
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  11. And the Captain soon began to understand.
  12. With his hands he felt his chest, looked at the hole where he had bled,
  13. And collapsed onto the ground, a fallen man.
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  14. He cried, picked up his head, and on the marble stone he read
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  15. A bold inscription summing up his life.
  16. Then his eyes began to drift to the moon and light it bred;
  17. Shining by her grave, he saw his wife.
  18. As they embraced, his sorrow fled, and with the words he never said,
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  19. He courted her to the stars up overhead.