I was verbally pantsed on a podcast
  1. As most of you know, two of our best listers, @k8mcgarry and @brimattia, have a podcast called "ALL CAPS: with Kate & Bri"
  2. This week, they were kind enough to have me on to slowly get drunk over the course of 3 hours and talk about One Direction, a band I previously knew nothing about.
    How the hell did they edit this down to just 50 minutes??
  3. As a 26 year old coolness-antichrist, I was interested in figuring out exactly why other twenty year olds like this "boy band."
  4. It was a wild ride in which I snorted a lot, blushed a few times, and also nearly had bourbon come out of my nose.
  5. You should go have a listen because those two dealt with my stupidity like champs and were hilarious in the process: https://soundcloud.com/allcapspodcast/episode-2-our-pearl-harbor-with-steve-cady
  6. Also, be sure to tune in each week as they tackle new topics in the popular culture including male masturbation, honor killings, and the uncanny valley
    At least one of those topics has actually been covered.
  7. Seriously, it's well-worth your time!