1. write "god u r gorgeous :)" on this model's instagram photo
  2. watch the end of this "epic nut shot fails" video on YouTube
  3. eat cereal for breakfast and dinner
  4. flip my my dirty clothes up to my hands with my feet instead of just bending down to pick them up
  5. get another rejection letter from a job I applied to
  6. use "womb" when I meant "wound" in a sentence
  7. become indignant about a pop culture fact I was clearly wrong about but won't admit I'm wrong about
  8. take everything in my life for granted
  9. squint my eyes a little in this snapchat because I think it makes me look ~sexy~
  10. form an opinion about said complex political issue and refuse to concede to any differing viewpoints that conflict with my own preconceived notions