so relatable
  1. When ur dad cheats on ur mom
  2. When ur parents get divorced because ur dad cheated on ur mom
  3. When ur dad marries the woman he cheated on ur mom with and she becomes ur new mom
  4. When new mommy try to hug u on Christmas Eve
  5. When u see all ur friends' parents loving each other
  6. When u make a deal with the devil to sell ur soul in exchange for ur parents getting back together
  7. When the deal with the devil don't work and u start acting out because u grew up in a broken home
  8. When u start using sex to fill the emotional void left by ur parents divorce
  9. When the booze and pills aren't strong enough to numb the pain of ur parents divorce anymore
  10. When u overdose on the booze and pills and gotta get straight
  11. when the Arthur memes can't ruin ur childhood because ur parents divorce already did that