Advances in science allow you to choose what types of kids you want to have now. Amazing. My second round submission for @aus10's tournament.
  1. Reverse cowgirl + Smash Mouth's "All-Star" playing in the background will get you:
  2. Captain Hook cosplay in a dive-bar bathroom will get you:
  3. Sperm donor masturbating with Cheeto fingers + "Wall Street" playing in the background will get you:
  4. BDSM in a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit will get you:
  5. sex with a blow-up doll that comes to life and delivers your child will get you:
  6. Fully-clothed missionary + the condom breaking will get you:
  7. Rough sex with a serial killer in an abandoned Margaritaville® restaurant will get you:
  8. immaculate conception: