Don't cry, Shopgirl.
  1. You'll read this soon enough...
  2. I'm sorry that I just ordered you things online
  3. I'm in the middle of finals and didn't have time to make you something elaborate
  4. Either way, I still spent a great deal of time thinking about what to get for you
  5. The hat is because I creeped on your List App page and saw that you enjoy the St. Louis Cardinals
    Go Birds!
  6. The candle is because that's literally my favorite candle scent of all time
    And it appears that you like to Netflix and relax (as do I). This is the perfect candle for that.
  7. Please don't hate me. I really did put in a lot of effort and really hope you like my gifts!!
  8. Let's be friends!! Like in "You've Got Mail" or "Catfish"
  9. Happy Holidays!