1. Laguna Beach Seasons 1-2 (box set)
    Yes through just about every episode. Sometimes closed my eyes and imagined I was kissing Lo. Sometimes Stephen.
  2. Saw
    Snuck into the movie underage and was thrown out mid-make-out. Was aroused by the screams and cries of tortured strangers.
  3. Making A Murderer
    Institutional injustice is the ultimate aphrodisiac
  4. Yeezus
    Institutional racism is a close second
  5. MasterChef: Junior
    Made out to the sweet sound of flour-faced children getting owned by Gordon Ramsay.
  6. Battlestar Galactica
    I'm sure some nerd is going to murder my family for disrespecting their sacred art.
  7. Every single @john album ever made
    Not disgraceful actually. John Mayer's music was invented for making kiss.
  8. The Sex and The City episode where the dog gets its period
    volume wasn't muted.