Yesterday and this morning I dragged the hell out of some listers on Twitter dot com and it gave me such a high that I want to do it some more 😈
  1. @k8mcgarry has become a true irl friend of mine and is possibly more brilliant and lovely in person than she is on social media
  2. @brimattia is an important voice in so many fields including music, sexuality, and mental health. Also a true irl friend. she is legitimately hot
  3. @shanaz is so devastatingly funny and relatable that it hurts sometimes. If you think that the sum of her is just that she's a hot, cool mom you are simply mistaken (although she truly is both of those things)
  4. @torihyndman I can't read anything you write while I'm at work. Why are you not twitter famous yet? Fantastic freckles.
  5. @ijeoma such a thoughtful and creative voice on here. Out there in all my favorite ways. I replayed a snap of you shaking your ass once.
  6. @smirthnut an incredibly important friend and confidante. Smart, thoughtful, and someone who always knows what to say. Has said some of the funniest things I've ever heard
  7. @michael_circa91 makes me feel all sorts of funny feelings. A gift to this community and the world at large. So much love and respect.
  8. @audreypalumbo lowkey an incredible Twitter follow and a musical soulmate of mine. Your next crush
  9. @marymurphy do I even have to say anything? You are list famous as hell and the people already love you too much. An actual authority on television, film, and gif usage
    (this was supposed to be a gif but I guess it's not working)