Eating with humans is disgusting.
  1. Pasta
    The father of disgusting eating. Just bend over your plate, get a fork-full in your mouth, and let it rain.
  2. Pizza Toppings
    Only acceptable with hot pizza.
  3. Restaurant Burgers
    You need to keep that Big Mac in line. But a messy, restaurant burger? Go ahead. Spit it up, baby.
  4. Salads
    Oh yeah. Let the greens fly. Let the Lettuce fall. Get fuckin leaves all over the table.
  5. BBQ (especially anything "pulled" or on a bun)
    No need to be polite. Drop shit all over the place, pick it back up, put it in your mouth, and lick your disgusting fingers you animal.
  6. Tacos
    Hard shell: gonna creep out the back. Soft shell: also gonna creep out the back more napkins pls