look at this photograph, every time I do it makes me laugh. I have a strict under 100 photo policy on my phone and almost always delete. Here are the ones I really remember though.
  1. you screamed at me because I didn't take enough candid shots of you so I took a really shitty, overexposed one
    you looked like a troll. I wish I had saved it.
  2. a picture of you in the shower, taken moments before you passed out from the shower being too hot
    you were ok and more concerned that the picture wasn't good enough. I wish I had saved it.
  3. my namesake. It's a picture of you before you went off to war. You died when you were 18. I'm almost 10 years older now than you ever were.
    They tell me I'm like you. I carry that around. I wish I had saved it.
  4. I'm standing in front of the Home Alone house in late winter. It's being renovated so there are fences all around it and it's dark anyway so you can't really see anything.
    You ruined Home Alone for me in the best way possible. I wish I had saved it.
  5. It's my last day of law school and I've been out drinking. I drunkenly walk back to campus and sneak into the classroom where I had my first law school class. I take a picture for a memory. It doesn't mean as much to me as I thought it would
    It means a lot to me now. I wish I had saved it.
  6. we had just gone for a 10-mile run through a wooded trail. We miscalculated sunset and ended up running back five miles in the pitch black. We went and got beers after and has the waitress take our picture.
    you died 3 months later. It was my favorite photo of us. I wish I had saved it.
  7. you are drunk and in the living room with this incredible smile on your face. I'm sleeping in the next room and your wife is screaming that "the children know, George! They can tell you're drunk."
    your son gets the same smile when he's drunk and it always reminds me of how much I would have loved to know you better. I wish I had saved it.
  8. we're building a fort in your room. It's finals season and this is the first time I can remember feeling something stable.
    we got high and watched Harry Potter. I hate Harry Potter, but I loved that night. I wish I had saved it.
  9. I am holding a plastic candle and am visibly tipsy in a bar that burned down two weeks later. This is me trying.
    I hated this picture but I don't anymore. I wish I had saved it.
  10. A picture from a random night of us brewery hopping after work. Fun time. Nothing special here. You're still alive. But I'm going to delete it after I post this list.