And yet I still don't know:
  1. What it means for "the beat to drop"
    When it gets silent or when it gets really loud? Don't both of those things happen a lot in a song?
  2. What the Matrix was
  3. How health insurance works
    And where do you go to get it? Target? Walmart? Sam Goody?
  4. The cardinal directions of the city I grew up in
    Go east!? Can't you just tell me left, right, or straight?
  5. The U.S. states and their capitals
  6. what is a "tax" and how do I fill out those forms?
    "single" or "married"? How about "none of your business" uncle sam you nosy piece of shit.
  7. How to "put on" for my city
  8. Where girls pee out of
    I think I know, but I'm not sure. It's like a trap door or something?
  9. All the words to the National Anthem
  10. The school system is broken.