1. Side hug with hover hand
  2. Fist bump (no explosion)
  3. Fist bump (explosion)
  4. Playing "Wonderwall" for you on my guitar and it sort of sounding right
  5. Asking about your life (with follow-up questions)
  6. Watching your favorite movie with you that you've seen 100 times and are super excited about seeing my reaction to
  7. Taking a lot of snapchat/Instagram selfies with you at the bar to show your ex that you're doing fine without them
  8. Not laughing at the song lyric you posted on social media
  9. Watching a YouTube video with you that you want to show me right now, on your phone
  10. Listening to you talk about how your study abroad trip changed your life
  11. Fuckin'
  12. Staring into your eyes and "making love" to you
  13. End of list.