Inspired by @keira
  1. Following news sources on Twitter because I'm sure as hell not going to voluntarily stay informed by reading a newspaper or online article 🔑
  2. Keeping my teeth white as fuck to make my ghostly pale skin look "tan" by comparison 🔑
  3. Drinking my coffee black even though I don't like the taste to cut out unnecessary sugar intake 🔑
  4. Working out super hard for 2 months and then becoming a barely functioning slob for the next 2. Become disgusted with your body and repeat 🔑
  5. Lying a lot about small things 🔑
  6. Knowing just enough about sports to connect with other males, but not enough to take time away from my Netflix binges 🔑
  7. Becoming blindly passionate about whatever cause I see in any documentary I watch 🔑
  8. Using social media to validate my hollow existence in real life 🔑
  9. Being so nice to my enemies that they feel bad for hating me 🔑