Wow I had no idea this was a thing?
  1. "Larger Than Life" | Backstreet Boys
    Flip the switch and let the electricity course through my body during that shitty 10 second guitar solo near the end
  2. "Living On A Prayer" | Bon Jovi
    Raising the roof as the prison guard pumps my veins full of poison
  3. "Zach's Song (School of Rock)" | School of Rock
    Smoke machines going as I walk up to the front of the room and they put the noose around my neck. Don't drop the floor until "I may not be that perfect son / but yall be rocking when I'm done." No one is allowed to leave until Zach finishes his solo. He earned that shit
  4. "Song 2" | Blur
    Running around the viewing gallery for high fives before I somersault into the gas chamber and they lock the door behind me
  5. "Walkin' On The Sun" | Smash Mouth
    Moonwalking in front of a brick wall and smoking a cigarette as the firing squad loads their rifles and takes aim