It is the weekend and I have had some cocktails. publishing this one under the moniker "Saint Burning Trash." Inspired by the real life events of @ShawnKelly @shanaz @brimattia and probably every other female
  1. Me: (after her asking me how I would rate this night) "you know what would make this night a 10...."
    it was making kiss. I said making kiss would make this night a 10
  2. Me: "Oh wow you're the most interesting person I've talked to tonight." Her: "what's my name?" Me: "..."
  3. Her: "Hi, my name's Katie." Me: "Do you want to get out of here?" Her: "No"
  4. Her: (pressing the cross-walk button). Me: "Hey did you know those actually don't work anymore and are just there to make people feel like they're in control."
  5. Me: "Hey can I buy you a drink." Her: "Oh no thank you, my boyfriend already bought me one." Me: "Oh ok cool he seems like a cool guy."
  6. Me: (drunk at a bar alone, sitting outside*). Her: (walks by). Me: "Hey how are you tonight." Her: (keeps walking)