With examples of my own results.
  1. (1) Your first name + (2) the first barbie doll you undressed to see its privates
    Stephen Jade Bratz
  2. (1) Your middle name + (2) the amount of student loan debt you'll have after college
    Michael Sixty Thousand
  3. (1) Your best friend's name + (2) the barefoot wine that you've accidentally drank too much of on a first date
    Joshua Moscato
  4. (1) Your first name in Spanish + (2) the name of the ghost that pantses you in your sleep
    Esteban Cornelius
  5. (1) Your middle name + (2) something a passing car has yelled at you while jogging on a public street
    Michael Rat Faggot
  6. (1) Your nickname for your grandmother + (2) the food you most resemble
    Nama Shellfish
  7. (1) A childhood nickname + (2) a word to describe you sexually
    Steffy Impotent