hey guys, I guess it's time to come clean. As some of you have already guessed, the "Steve" Cady account is actually just one of my (@chriscady's) parody accounts. Here are the pros and cons of this arrangement
  1. PRO
    get to write really ridiculous lists about sex, aliens, and divorce
  2. CON
    people think I'm insane/a virgin/an alien which I am not! I've had lots of very normal human sex so many times I love it and human women
  3. PRO
    get to cash in on this whole "twin" thing
  4. CON
    twins aren't even hot anymore. Gone are the heydays of our Mary Kate & Ashleys and Schwarzeneggers & DeVitos. Sad!
  5. PRO
    I can use my @chriscady account for purely artistic endeavors like this: CHARACTERS FROM THE MOVIE "ALOHA" IF THEY WERE TAMPONS
  6. CON
    Now that I've come clean, people will soon realize how void of substance my real brand is
  7. PRO
    I don't actually look like this
  8. CON
    I do in fact look like this