Inspired by @drugs
  1. Go to a hot dog and ice cream stand and get a preview of what oral sex with each other will be like.
  2. Get married, live in separate houses that are connected by a common room.
    Only have to endure each other when we choose. So cute! 😍
  3. Make love doggy-style in a pet cemetery.
  4. Take French classes so we can text each other "there's no spark" in a romance language.
  5. Get romantically abducted by aliens, complete with erotic couples probe.
    Hold hands as we're ejected, pants-less, from the spaceship.
  6. Dinner and a movie at Sam's Club.
    Dinner= free samples. Movie = watching whatever's playing on the big screens in the electronics section
  7. Have sex during a thunder storm, orgasm as a bolt of lightning strikes, thereby switching bodies.
    Might not work because I probably won't be able to give you an orgasm.
  8. Have our initial attraction to each other Tokyo Drift into repulsion after a weekend away together.
  9. Get to second base in "The Chokey" from Matilda.
    I'll tell everyone we went all the way.
  10. Start a 5,000 piece puzzle where the completed image is a picture of us seeing other people.
    When we finish it, we can decide to see other people.