s p o o k y s c a r y g h o s t s & g h o u l s
  1. Go on a date and become pOsseSsEd by a spirit
    vodka, gin, or bourbon will do
  2. Cuddle up on the couch and watch a scary movie!
    It's the one where the main characters get everything they thought they wanted but now want something entirely different
  3. Wait for a full moon and trAnsfoRm into an entirely different person than you were 6 months ago when you started talking to this person
  4. Drape yourself in a white cloth and scare your date by making him walk you down the aisle
  5. Let life pull you both in different directions like a planchette on a ouija board
  6. sPilL yOur gUts about how this is just a really hectic time in your life and you think we should slow things down
  7. Ask for a second date when you're not sure how the first one went
    i n a g r a v e y a r d o r s o m e t h i n g
  8. Let your past relationships hAuNt you and eventually sCaRe you out of a healthy commitment to another person
  9. Call an ex and bring your dysfunctional relationship bAcK tO liFe
  10. The spookiest of them all: take a chance and ask someone you really like to grab a drink